Hoi An Images Gallery

Once upon a time, Hoi An was Southeast Asia's busiest port. When traffic moved elsewhere the town took a long nap. This preserved the town's unique architecture, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Chinese temples jostle Sino-Portuguese shophouses while down along the riverfront, elegant mustard-hued villas with colonnades remind us of Colonial France. Chinese temples and assembly halls, vibrant with reds, golds and fire-breathing dragons bring us back to Asia. Hoi An is so renowned for its unique retro charm and great food it is maybe not so surprising that few think of it as a beach town. If you can manage to tear yourself away, one of Southeast Asia's broadest and cleanest beaches is a short bicycle ride away. The quiet surf, lack of crowds and minimal hustle will make you wonder why all those beachbums flock to Bali or Phuket. Cua Dai Beach is, for the time being, part of the time warp that is Hoi An. Enjoy the serenity while it lasts.